Couldn’t Believe It Wasn’t A CD

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The band Cityscape really did exceed our expectations. We danced to “Better Together” by Jack Johnson as our first dance and most of our guests couldn’t believe it wasn’t a CD because it sounded perfect. They dance floor was packed during the evening, and numerous people told me it was one of the best bands they have heard.

Scott and I were attempting to achieve a certain environment and feel for our wedding reception–one that was modern, classy and also laid-back and fun, and the band was essential to helping us achieve this. I’m not sure we have a “favorite” part, but I do commend them because Scott made a last minute request for Piano Man at the end of night, and it was a wonderful way to complete the night. We were so pleased. We both love music and this was one of the most important parts of the reception, and they truly gave an amazing performance.

Thanks so much.

Amy B